How long will it take for you to make my item? 
Turnaround times are indicated on our home page for all items. 


Do you offer payment plans for your corsets?
Of course! Payment plans are available upon request. Your corset can be paid in two to three installments. No finished garments will be shipped to the customer until full payment has been made. The customer as three full months to complete the payment. If the payment as not been received after this period, the corset will stay RetroFolie's propriety.

Where are your corset made?
All of our corsets are handmade in Montreal, Canada. 

Do you have a retail store?

No. Our business is entirely based online.

How do take care of my corset?
The break-in process consists of gradually adapting the corset to your body. Stiffness is normal at the beginning of the process. We recommend wearing the corset with no more than a 2 inch reduction for a maximum of 2 hours on the first day.  Be sure to always unlace your corset very loose before putting it on or taking it off. Not doing so could damage the corset permanently when in its break-in period.


How do I clean my corset?

Your corset should not be washed frequently. To minimize the need for cleaning, we recommend wearing light clothing underneath to protect it from sweat and body oils. However, if you need to clean it, we suggest washing it delicately by hand. Never use a washer or dryer. Corsets are unusually delicate garments and therefore require a delicate touch. A professional dry-cleaner could be a viable option.

How much is the shipping to Canada and USA?
It's FREE! 

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes and it always include a tracking number. 


What about taxes?

Your country may charge you duty/VAT, which is the customer's responsibility. It is out of our control and we are not responsible for these extra fees.

Do you sell in canadian dollar?

No. Every items sold on this website are sold in US Dollar. 

Returns and Refunds?

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the item that you purchased through our store please contact us to discuss the issue in the 10 following days. Refunds will not be provided if you have simply changed your mind, ordered the wrong size/design, provide the wrong measurements, damaged the corset or shows any signs of having been used. We are not responsible for a corset made to incorrect measurements supplied by customer or if customer changes weight/size after an order is placed. Any refunds that are made will be done so through PayPal 1 to 5  business days after receiving the package. Shipping fees will not be refunded.  All return package must be marked as "gift" with minimum value. If this is not respected, charges will be deducted from the refund. 



Are the RetroBasic made for waist training? 

Yes! The RetroBasic line was specifically design for daily wear and waist training. 

What is the difference between the silhouettes?
We have two different silhouettes in our RetroBasic line. The Retro01 in a short cincher style corset and the Retro02 is a longer underbust offering a fuller coverage of the ribcage and hips area. 

How do I choose my size? 
You can determine your corset size by subtracting 3-5 inches from the natural waistline.  



Will the placement of the painting be exactly the same as on your website? 
Almost! Please consider that the placement of the painting on the corset may alter slightly from orders to orders, depending on your size and the silhouette chosen. If you have any specific request, please contact us. 

I want a specific painting on my corset, is it possible?
Of course! Please purchase the "choose your painting" listed in the RetroHistory section of our shop. Please keep in mind that we only use images that are free of copyright and in the public domain. You can visit our gallery:

Do I need to give my measurements? 
Yes! All RetroHistory corset are made to the customer's measurements. Within 24hours of placing your order, you will receive an email with our guide and information on the measurements to provide. 

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